Top 10 Hottest Zip Codes in Vancouver

When looking for the best place to live, choosing the right neighborhood is almost as important as the house itself. Besides easy access to basic amenities and healthcare, you also want to ensure that the neighborhood you are moving into offers plenty of recreational indoor/outdoor activities, schools, and other points of interest to keep you and your family busy. Not to mention, the area should also have a low crime rate, affordable housing, and people you can imagine befriending. 

With that in mind, here are the ten hottest zip codes in Clark County that people are moving into. 

1. 98682

Contained within the city limits of neighborhoods like Orchards, Mill Plain, Five Corners, and Brush Prairie, 98682 is one of the hottest zip codes in Vancouver, WA. Typically classified as a residential area, neighborhoods in this area have a median price of $524,700 and 770 sales this year. 

Surrounded by myriad of public schools, restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores, and other family-oriented establishments, this is one of the most lucrative areas to find your forever home.  

Nearby, you have schools like Orchards Elementary, Laurin Middle, and Hockinson High School, that also serve as a benchmark for high-quality education in the city. On a regular day, it’s common to see children playing out in the open and people walking their dogs, as the neighborhoods are pedestrian friendly. 

2. 98604

If you are looking for a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver, then 98604 is the most appropriate zip code to buy a home in 2022. The housing market numbers from this year speak volumes for this zip code that saw homes sitting at a median price of $564,718 and 471 homes being sold. 

Foodies have much to look forward to with restaurants like Pita House, El Rancho Viejo and George’s Molon Lave, in addition to local attractions like the Golden Pond Bridge, Paradise Waterfalls, and more. If you decide to settle here, you will enjoy close proximity to public schools, health care facilities, and many outdoor recreational pursuits. 

3. 98642

Bordered by the Columbia River on one side and contained within the city limits of Ridgefield, Mount Vista, Dollar Corner, and La Center, 98642 is the perfect zip code to find a home for your family. With homes sitting at a median price of $655,426 and 440 homes sold this year, this zip code attracts many home buyers who are looking to raise a family in Vancouver. 

Living in this zip code puts you in the vicinity of some of the best schools in the city like Daybreak, La Center, and Prairie High School. If you like stepping out for nature hikes with your loved ones, there are many attractions to enjoy like the Columbia View Park, Cedar Creek Grist Mill, and Vancouver Lake Regional Park. 

4. 98607

Located Southeast of downtown Vancouver, 98607 offers residents a quaint and peaceful place to reside and raise a family. With homes sitting at a median price of $777,052 and 432 houses being sold this year, this zip code remains one of the hottest in terms of real estate activity. 

The area houses a myriad of fast-food chains and breweries like Roots Restaurant & Bar, The Hammond Kitchen, and more, if you like to keep your hands and mouth busy. Additionally, families with kids can rest easy knowing they are near some of the best schools and establishments that offer year long family-friendly activities like Two Rivers Heritage Museum.

5. 98661

Located in the heart of Vancouver, 98661 is the optimal zip code to find a home if you value convenience for work, shopping, and school. A residential area with a median house price of $450,000, this zip code saw 321 homes being sold just this year, proving that it remains one of the most attractive places for families to find a home. 

Nearby, you have all your staple eateries and shopping centers, as well as local favorites like The Plainsman and The Diner Vancouver. Served by some of the best school districts in the city, families in this zip code have much to relish in knowing their kids will receive the best quality of education. There is also an abundance of churches and attractions that offer family-friendly recreational activities, making this an ideal place to raise a family. 

6. 98662

Located within the city limits of Five Corners, this is another residential area that offers an ideal setting for families to find their forever homes. This was proven again by the housing market numbers from this year where we saw homes sitting at a median price of $500,000 and 315 homes being sold. 

If you love living downtown, 98662 puts you in the middle of it all – from some of the finest restaurants, hospitals, and public schools to local attractions like the Orchard Plaza. With easy access to other parts of the city through I-205, this is a great place for families with kids and senior citizens to buy a home. 

7. 98685

Nestled between Salmon Creek and Felida, 98685 is a zip code in Clark County that remains one of the most desirable places to raise a family in Washington. With homes sitting at a median price of $640,000 and 281 homes being sold this year, it’s one of the best places to buy a home, both as an investment or to settle in. 

98685 conveniently places you near public schools, shopping centers, and restaurants serving exotic and traditional cuisines. Nature lovers have much to look forward to as you will be in proximity of Whipple Creek Regional Park, Salmon Creek Greenway Trail, and Fairgrounds Community Park. The area also features local favorites like Farrar’s Bistro and Los Potrillos Mexican Restaurant, in addition to Golden Gate Bridge Pond that is easily accessible via I-205. 

8. 98683

Positioned right along the Columbia River on one side and bordered by Evergreen and Mill Plain on the other, 98683 is an optimal zip code to buy a home if you like to embrace the chaos of downtown attractions. With homes sitting at a median price of $564,000 and 252 homes being sold this year, this zip code is far from dormant for buyers and sellers. 

Whether you are a nature lover or someone who prefers convenience for work and other downtown attractions, this area offers the best of both worlds. From the beautiful vistas of Columbia Springs to the bustling shopping centers and eateries in Kevanna Park, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The area also features popular marketplaces like Trader Joe’s and Fred Meyer. 

9. 98684

Next on the list of hottest zip codes in Clark County is 98684. Bordered by Cascade Highlands on the south side and Mill Plain on the north, this area code is consistently seeing new families move in. In 2022 alone, homes sold for a median price of $468,890 and 233 sales were concluded. 

From the perspective of families looking to settle down in Clark County, this area offers a suave lifestyle with plenty of attractions to keep you busy all year around. Those who love weekend hikes in forests and meadows along the East Fork Lewis River can go to Lewisville Regional Park to enjoy the various hiking trails there are. Furthermore, the area is peppered with restaurants serving both traditional and exotic cuisines like Thai and Vietnamese, in addition to local favorites like Burgerville. 

10. 98671

Last on the list is 98671, for those who prefer living near the lowlands and famous prairie situated on the scenic Columbia River Gorge. Neighborhoods in this area saw a median housing price of $675,000 with 229 sales this year. Living in this area will place you near several recreational areas and public parks. 

Individuals and families alike can enjoy taking a walk through one of the four large parks located in the area, like Angelo Park, Beaver Park, Campen Park, and Hathaway Park.  Furthermore, you have the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls and Cape Horn Falls nearby, that can be enjoyed from a vessel on the Columbia River or from the Oregon side. This area is ideal for families and individuals alike who prefer to have abundance of outdoor activities and camping locations nearby. 

Hope this list of ten hottest zip codes in Clark County helps you in your journey of finding the best area to move into.

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