These 7 Clark County Charities Need Your Donations

Hiking throughout the lush forests, shopping at little boutique shops, and chowing down on some fresh seafood are all favorite pastimes for those local to Clark County. In fact, that’s just a small sampling of what this area has going for it. 

However, not everyone gets to experience the best of the Pacific Northwest due to issues such as poverty, addiction, and food insecurity. This is the reality for many people in our community, but luckily, there are charities at the ready to lift them up with your help. 

A Caring Closet

The name might imply that this charity gives out coats and shoes, but it actually offers something much more vital to individuals with disabilities. A Caring Closet is a nonprofit providing gently used medical equipment to those with healthcare needs in the Vancouver area. Its doors are open to all regardless of age, race, or income, although the organization primarily serves elderly citizens. Here, those in need can pick up critical care items such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, and walkers. A Caring Closet welcomes donations of cash and durable medical equipment. 

Address: 2700 NE Andresen Rd Suite D4, Vancouver, WA 98661


FISH of Vancouver

FISH of Vancouver abides by one simple principle: no one should go hungry. This is the philosophy that guides everything FISH (Friends in Service to Humanity) does as a food bank serving the less fortunate in the Vancouver metro area. The organization is happy to serve anyone declaring a need and it keeps regular hours at its main site while also serving people at other locations around town. You can find faithful FISH volunteers handing out food every day of the week, just like they’ve done for the past 50 years. Your financial support means that they can keep on swimming for the next 50 years. 

Address: 906 Harney St, Vancouver, WA 98660


Share Vancouver

Share Vancouver believes that Clark County should be a home for us all, and that includes those who are low-income or in otherwise unstable circumstances. Share Vancouver operates four shelters and hands out food to all in need. After these basic necessities are taken care of, Share Vancouver connects individuals and families with case management professionals who can help them get back on their feet for good. When you donate to Share Vancouver, you’re helping people in your community access resources to live, work, and eat in sustainable, healthy ways. 

Address: 2306 NE Andresen Road Vancouver, WA 98661


Inter-Faith Treasure House

For over 50 years, volunteer members of Inter-Faith Treasure House have been coming together to provide support to the local community. It achieves this goal in a variety of ways, some of which include providing emergency rent assistance to people at risk of eviction and offering nutritious food to seniors who lack the funds to purchase healthy meals. During the holidays, the Christmas Gift Program is activated to ensure that families in need have a memorable experience and know that they are not forgotten. Donations to Inter-Faith Treasure House go toward securing resources for local individuals in need. 

Address: 91 C Street, Washougal, WA 98607


Forward Edge

Forward Edge is a Christian organization planted in Clark County, but with roots that stretch across the world. Since the 1980s, Forward Edge has been sending volunteers to other countries for the purpose of providing hope and tangible resources to improve people’s daily lives. This organization has built shelters and provided food in countries like Nicaragua, Cuba, and Uganda. Forward Edge is unique in that it seeks to truly partner with the people of these countries and provide sustainable long-term solutions to their most pressing challenges. With your financial support, Forward Edge can continue serving the people of these countries for decades to come.

Address: 15121-A NE 72nd Ave Vancouver, WA 98686


Big Life Foundation

Elephants may not roam Clark County, but if we don’t act fast, they won’t be roaming the lands of East Africa either. Big Life Foundation is committed to defending the wildlife in East Africa against illegal poaching and other harmful practices. The organization partners with the locals of Africa to set up outposts and field units to protect the animals and land and support conservation efforts. Donating to Big Life Foundation is essential to continuing the mission of preserving the beautiful and important ecosystems in East Africa for years to come. 

Address: ​​1715 North Heron Drive Ridgefield, WA 98642


Second Chance Companions

Second Chance Companions is here to ensure that cats can put all of their nine lives to good use. This organization is staffed by volunteers who devote their time to finding homes for all animals (dogs too!) in Clark County. As a no-kill organization, the team here works to communicate the needs of animals searching for a permanent home, and it educates the public on ways to help the cause, specifically the importance of spaying and neutering animals. Second Chance Companions does not operate a shelter but instead works directly with people needing to rehome animals to facilitate a seamless, safe transition. 

Address: Battle Ground, WA 98604

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