The 15 Most Sizzling Pizza Spots in Clark County

With a limitless number of varieties, pizza is the shape-shifter of the culinary world and one of the best comfort foods. Thin or thick, classic or modern, there’s a plethora of pizza choices nowadays.

Since the competition is fierce, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect slice. So, we’ve scoured every corner of Clark County to curate the top spots that celebrate the flavor and the sheer joy of pizza in every bite.

#1 Pizzeria La Sorrentina

3000 SE 164th Ave Suite 107, Vancouver, WA 98683

(360) 314-4447

La Sorrentina is the best place to go if you’re craving authentic Neapolitan-style pizza. The aroma and the perfectly-charred, thin crust is a heaven for the senses. 

Each of the pizzas they make, both cheese-based and tomato sauce-based, has its own unique flavor identity so it will surely be hard to choose a favorite. The most popular dishes include Margherita, Salsiccia Festa, and Diavola.

#2 Blind Onion Pizza & Pub

2900 Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661

(360) 750-7490

Blind Onion Pizza & Pub has been awarded the Best of Clark County for the last 13 years, need we say more? Its great reputation is a sure guarantee of the excellent quality of pizza and customer service.

The restaurant has a laid-back vibe reminiscent of the old-school pizza place. The most popular dishes include Breath Buster Pizza, Popeye, Blind Hawaiian, and Garden of Eatin’.

#3 Doomsday Brewing Company

421 C St #3, Washougal, WA 98671

(360) 335-9909

Doomsday Brewing Company offers not just the most creative brews in the area but also some of the best hand-tossed artisan pizzas. If you want great pizza and drinks, this is the place to be.

The most popular pizza dishes include Mayan BBQ, Armageddon, Hunter, and Tsar Bomba.

#4 Juliano’s Pizzeria

15606 SE Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98684

(360) 254-1286

This pizzeria is a long-running, well-known family pizza joint in the city. Juliano’s is famous for its generously topped pies and their use of locally-sourced fresh ingredients.

Besides the great menu options, the restaurant provides a friendly and casual vibe accompanied with classic rock music which makes it the perfect spot for gathering with family and friends. The most popular pizza dishes include the Hefty Ho, Big Mike, and The Hurricane.

#5 Heavy Metal Pizza & Brewing Co

809 MacArthur Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661

(360) 258-1691

The heavy metal theme, reflected in its music and decor, sets this place apart from other pizza spots in the city. Heavy Metal Pizza & Brewing Co has been nominated every year in the Best of Clark County since 2020.

Their recipes are time-tested and authentic, making sure that each dish bursts with tradition and flavor. The most popular pizza dishes include The Dead Head, The Whole Pua’a, and Thai Peanut Chicken.

#6 NYC Pizzeria

700 SE Chkalov Dr #1, Vancouver, WA 98683

(360) 882-7670

NYC Pizzeria brings the authentic taste of New York to the city. They use a traditional oven to bake each pizza resulting in a crispy, thin crust.

Additionally, their New York-style pizza is made from their signature dough and sauce, hand-tossed, stone-baked, and generously loaded with cheese. The most popular dishes include the Punjabi Special, NYC Pizza, Paneer Pizza, and Hawaiian Pizza.

#7 Detroit Pizza

308 E Main St, Battle Ground, WA 98604

(360) 687-4778

Detroit Pizza has been serving the best pizza in Battle Ground. Who could resist the square, deep-dish, cheesy crispy ends, and toppings all the way to the edge?

Though it’s located in a small strip mall, the restaurant is inviting, relaxed, and bright. The most popular dishes include Taco Pizza, Mac N Cheese Pizza, and Detroit Hawaiian.

#8 Leonardo’s Pizzeria

16505 SE 1st St, Vancouver, WA 98684

(360) 253-2394

Leonardo’s Pizzeria has been a Vancouver pizza tradition since 1993. Home to one of the best pizzas in the county, the pizzeria offers a variety of specialty pies, ideal if you’re looking for a unique flavor combination.

The most popular pizza dishes include Combo Grande, Pounder, and Little Oven Annie.

#9 Nonavo Pizza

110 W 6th St, Vancouver, WA 98660

(360) 843-9696

Nonavo Pizza presents an enjoyable and relaxed environment on top of its superb pizza and Naple-style experience. The pizzas have a perfectly crispy crust, savory sauce, and juicy toppings. 

If you crave something other than their creative combinations or the classics, you can also customize your own pie with Nonovo’s numerous topping options. The most popular pizza dishes include Sausage, Tomato Pie, and Hazelnut.

#10 PNW Pizza Co

303 N Amboy Ave Suite A, Yacolt, WA 98675

(360) 686-8222

PNW Pizza Co is a newly opened pizzeria that has a lovely patio, trivia night, and scrumptious pizza and drinks. The restaurant uses fresh, local ingredients to create both traditional and creative pizza options.

The most popular pizza on the menu includes Cowboy, Mac & Cheeza, and The Muscle Man.

#11 Hungry Sasquatch

2110 Main St, Vancouver, WA 98660

(360) 597-3223

Hungry Sasquatch has one-of-a-kind flavors that are not commonly found in other pizza spots in the area. They make their dough from scratch using locally sourced, best-quality, fresh ingredients.

The atmosphere will take you back to the nostalgic days of pizza slices and pinball. The restaurant’s most popular pizza dishes include Triple Berry Pie, Garden, and Vegan Fungus.

#12 Rally Pizza

2905 St Johns Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661

(360) 524-9000

Rally Pizza is a Neapolitan-style pie shop that newly launched its permanent pop-up at Victor-23. It prides itself on making almost everything from scratch and sourcing fresh ingredients from local farmers.

Currently, they offer several 10-in, thin-crust pies, including the classics. The most popular dishes include Margherita Pizza, Bianco Pizza, and Capicola Pizza.

#13 Bunnie’s Pizza

206 N Main Ave #110, Ridgefield, WA 98642

(360) 887-7200

The food scene of downtown Ridgefield needs a welcoming and bright pizza spot and Bunnie’s Pizza is exactly what it needed. The crusts are light and thin, the sauce is fresh, and the toppings are savory and flavorful.

The most popular pizza dishes include Capricciossa, Margherita, and Cheese Pie.

#14 Ghost Runners Brewery & Kitchen

4216 NE Minnehaha St #108, Vancouver, WA 98661

(360) 989-3912

Ghost Runners Brewery & Kitchen serves straightforwardly appetizing pizzas and great beer. This independent craft brewery has board games and an entire section for foosball tables, making this place perfect for hanging out with friends and family.

The most popular dishes include BBQ Chicken Pizza, Pigs Say What?, and Combo Marathon Pie.

#15 Podunk Pizza Co.

630 E Birch Ave, La Center, WA 98629

(360) 760-4805 

Podunk Pizza Co is a new addition to La Center. The pizza is not greasy, the crust is amazing, and it’s loaded with toppings. Overall, it’s delicious and you surely won’t be disappointed.

The most popular pizza dishes include The Wildcat, The Spudder, and Carnitas Street Taco.

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