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Q4 2022 Clark County Housing Market Update

As the housing market continues to trend away from benefiting sellers, the shift to a buyer’s market isn’t quite upon us yet. Data collected for the Clark County housing market from Q4 shows that rising interest rates have had a marked effect on buyer demand for homes.

Q3 2022 Vancouver Housing Market Update

As the housing market in Vancouver continues to balance out, Q3 showed an adjustment in median sold prices and overall sales volume. Demand for homes will likely stabilize as rising inflation and interest rates price some potential buyers out of the market. That said, the market in Q3 showed many signs of returning to normalcy.

Vancouver Q2 2022 Housing Market Update

Vancouver’s housing market saw significant growth in the second quarter of 2022 but will it sustain over the year? An onset of new market trends, rising home prices, and mortgage rates have led many people to ask that question. The housing market in Vancouver, Washington is slowly inching towards stability which was recently shaken by the Covid pandemic. To understand what this means for sellers and buyers, let’s take a deeper dive into Vancouver’s housing market.

Clark County Q1 2022 Housing Market Update

While this time of the year tends to be somewhat slower when it comes to real estate, the Vancouver metro area has continued its upward trend through the first quarter. Since it’s still a seller’s market, this has had a considerable impact on the number of homes available to potential buyers.


Vancouver Housing Market Predictions for 2022

Will the housing market in Vancouver continue to grow in 2022? If so, how much more growth can be sustained before another housing market bubble bursts? How far will interest rates rise over the year and how will we deal with a historic shortage of housing stock?


Clark County Q4 2021 Housing Market Update

The numbers for the housing market in Vancouver showed growth in the fourth quarter, much as they have throughout the year. Homes are commanding higher sales prices—even as the number of sales dipped and the median days on the market increased.

Vancouver Q3 2021 Housing Market Update

There’s more good news for the housing market in Vancouver in the third quarter as we witness the continuation of a historic hot streak. Low interest rates are one of the main drivers of this as it has prompted a flood of house hunters into the market in search of homes. Read on for some key numbers on the Vancouver real estate market for the third quarter.