5 Clark County Instagram Design Accounts for Endless Inspiration

Instagram has become a hub for talented and creative individuals who offer their unique and fresh concepts when it comes to revamping living spaces. The app opens a world where design flourishes in unexpected corners. While nationally-acclaimed interior designers certainly contributed their artistic touch, the realm of inspiration extends far beyond.

This platform bursts with creativity from renowned designers and design studios in Clark County, presenting a variety of styles incorporating timeless decors and the latest trends. I’ve curated 5 Instagram design accounts to ignite your passion and awaken your artistic senses. So, without further ado, let’s dive into who made the list!

#1 Aundra Liles | @aundradesignsandco

Specializing in intentional and timeless designs, Aundra Liles stands by her “beautiful on a budget” motto. Her Instagram page is a visual journey through spaces that exude elegance, reflecting her client’s lifestyles and tastes and incorporating their favorite existing pieces.

A prime example of her work is captured in this dreamy living room. It’s adorned with harmonious color palettes, bespoke furnishings, and an artful blend of textures. The room has a calming and restful ambiance and the carefully curated shelves gave it so much personality.

Light cabinetry and all-white tile are the go-tos for many spa-inspired bathrooms. However, she demonstrates how embracing unconventional design choices can result in breathtaking outcomes. The use of black tile floors and walnut cabinets in this bathroom gives a moody yet relaxing vibe.

Aundra’s designs and philosophy encourage us to invest in pieces that reflect our individuality and contribute to the narrative of our living spaces. Her unique ability to infuse soul and character into every room she touches is evident, making her account a treasure trove of design inspiration.

#2 Simply Staged NW | @simplystagednw

Simply Staged Northwest showcases the transformative power of staging. With an eye for maximizing the potential of a space, their IG account offers skillfully curated environments that evoke emotions and capture attention.

I love how modern and chic this dining room is. It’s bright, simple, and tastefully decorated but the custom dining table gives it texture and elegance. Upcycling furniture using pole wrap is a popular trend right now making this design easy to replicate.

Adding rattan chairs and a wooden vase brightened up this kitchen/dining space. Not only are they visually appealing but they are also eco-friendly and sustainable. The dining set also complements well with the green kitchen.

Through their posts, we can learn that understanding how the placement of accessories and furnishings can significantly impact the feel and look of a room. Whether you’re seeking to revitalize your own living spaces or preparing to sell the property, their insights offer a guide to creating captivating environments.

#3 Amy Henderson | @amykittdesigns

With a flair for artful twists and modern minimalism, Amy Henderson’s posts present designs that seamlessly balance simplicity with unexpected elements.

Her design philosophy shines through this modern minimalist kitchen. It features clean lines, gentle hues, and uncluttered surfaces. The gorgeous blue brick backsplash injects a personality and burst of energy, making the kitchen feel both visually stimulating and calming.

Applying fun wallpaper definitely spruced up this small guest bathroom. By infusing elements like bold textures, colors, and patterns, Amy unveils how minimalism can be an avenue for creativity rather than a limitation.

Her designs inspire us to explore the balance between artistic expression and restraint. Minimalism doesn’t need to be monotonous so we don’t have to be afraid to incorporate our own unique style and personality.

#4 Karrie Yank Interiors | @karrieinteriors

Karrie Yank Interiors pride themselves on elevating interior designs to a realm of refined elegance. Their design philosophy revolves around creating luxurious spaces that harmoniously blend sophistication and comfort.

One striking design is this cozy bedroom retreat. The details in this room are just perfect. It features a grayed-down green paneled wall, a patterned rug, soft bedding, layered window treatment, and black and brass sconces. The meticulous design execution, the addition of architectural interest, and the choices of materials really elevate this lovely space.

This other bedroom design is adorned with ornate detailings, an opulent color palette, and sumptuous fabric. From the intricate patterns of textiles to the stunning dog bed bench, every element exudes elegance and grandeur.

Karrie Yank Interiors mastered the art of understated opulence, exemplifying that luxury need not be ostentatious. By emphasizing subtlety, their designs highlight how carefully selected details can create an atmosphere of indulgence and refinement.

#5 Heidi Palena | @heidipalenadesign

Bringing the serenity of the outdoors indoors, Heidi Palena offers nature-inspired interiors. Her IG page is a celebration of biophilic designs, where elements of the natural world seamlessly merge with interior spaces.

With plants and natural materials as her guiding elements, her designs breathe life into every corner.  For example, this stunning kitchen – a functional, beautiful space that integrates organic elements and has lots of storage too. The leather lattice bar stool compliments the island’s wood tones, while the black base cabinets against the bright backsplash and uppers create a visual harmony that draws you in.

Going beyond aesthetics, this post shows the power of accessorizing, reminding us that “less is more” can hold true value when it comes to design. Selectively exhibiting items that resonate with us and curating spaces that evolve with the season, we can reflect on our journey and create a constant source of inspiration within our home.

Her design philosophy, shown in her posts, inspires us to bridge the gap between outdoors and indoors. Heidi also reminds us that great designs don’t need to begin from scratch. Switching decors and highlighting unique pieces that we already own is a great start.

I hope you find inspiration in these brilliant design accounts on Instagram! Feel free to share your account recommendations – I’m always eager to explore and share the latest design gems with our community. Don’t forget to check out their stories for more design inspirations and recommendations.

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